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  • The eTug Pawnee conversion is based around the GM Gen IV LS3 engine. Built on the famed GM V8 small block architecture, the LS3 is one of a family of GM engines that first appeared in 1997. More than 30 million units of that powertrain family have been manufactured since then. It has come to be regarded as one of the most reliable automotive engines ever built.

  • The LS3 generates over 420hp (313kW) at 5900rpm and 420 ft-lbs (569Nm) of torque at 4600rpm. In the eTug, power is transmitted to the prop by a proprietary PSRU. WoT is limited to 4000 rpm, 300hp, and the reduction unit drives the prop at 2000rpm. This produces a climb of up to 2000fpm at 70kts.

  • As the regulations currently state, maintenance must be performed by a person permitted to do so under CAR 1988 Reg 42ZC. All must be overseen and approved by a LAME or an Airworthiness Authority holder (unless pilot maintenance under schedule 8) and, usually, a CAR30 AMO.

  • Maintenance of the power train (engine and PSRU) can be done by suitably experienced/qualified automotive mechanics or Club members, but always under the authority of the LAME or AA holder. 

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