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Why eTug?

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Aerotowing is a major cost both to clubs and to individuals. Cutting those costs must help reverse the trend of falling membership and club viability. eTug is the best solution for clubs and pilots.

  • CASA-approved for Limited category certification

  • more tows per hour (12-15, with full circuit)

  • lower fuel consumption, lower fuel cost

  • simple maintenance at lower cost

  • engine overhaul or replacement about $10,000 (2,000 hr TBO)

  • rapid descent rate (no shock cooling) means faster turnaround

  • tough, robust, and flies as easily as a regular Pawnee

  • instant starts

  • mid-summer paddock retrieves pose no problem

  • launch cost >80% less than avgas Lycoming launch

  • economy that will increase Club profits and/or reduce pilots' launch costs


eTug is the way ahead in glider aerotowing

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