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eTug. For performance,

reliability and economy

- it's the glider tug that eclipses all others. 

eTug: CASA-approved certification in the Limited Category as a glider tug

eTug - the future of glider towing in Australia 


  • Can launch 15 single-seaters per hour, or 12 heavy watered gliders or 2-seaters

  • Maximum climb rate > 1,000 fpm

  • 60% more static thrust than standard Pawnee PA25

  • Rapid descent rate: no shock cooling


  • Normal PA25 toughness/robustness

  • GM LS3 V8 power - one of the world's most reliable engines

  • Instant starts: normal

  • On-site maintenance by suitably qualified persons

  • Computerised engine management

  • eTug launch less than half the cost of a Lycoming launch

  • Maintenance costs seriously reduced

  • TBO 2,000 hours

  • Engine replacement <$10,000

  • Engine overhaul $8k

  • Fuel cost/launch 85% less than avgas Lycoming

Contact Us


mob: +61414 305 405 - Ian Roache 

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